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Sustainable Design
A passion for sustainable architecture.
Toby Branch had a passion for sustainable design way before it was the in thing to do. He grew up working with his father helping him to build passive solar Rammed Earth homes in Arizona from the time he was ten years old. In fact, his father is still building Rammed Earth Solar Homes.
Here is a link to his website:
Toby's father, Quentin Branch and his wife Julie Szekely live on an organic farm in Oracle Arizona in a spectactular Rammed Earth home designed by Toby Branch.
Based on his experience both designing and building sustainable architecture it would be difficult to find an architect better suited to designing your sustainable home or business. Toby Branch keeps up to date on the latest building techniques, materials and features to maximize the sustainability of his projects. Contact him for more information on working with you to design the ideal sustainable project for your particular needs.
 Toby Branch was one o the first architects at Oz Architecture to receive the LEED certification, influencing others in his firm to follow suit.
One of his first designs when he started his own firm won an award for sustainable design in Colorado.
WINNER! 2013 Renewable Energy and Sustainable Design Building Award!
King Residence -Branch Architecture Studio design of a passive solar rammed earth ranch. Currently under contruction outside of Prescott Arizona.