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Here are some residential clients of Branch Architecture Studio LLC. and their project completion dates that you can call for references:


2017, Brandi Sanger: 303-818-3013

2016, Shawn and Kimberly Allison: 303-521-5161

2015, Sonja Stilp: 303-725-6545

2014, Aaron and Katherine Murphy: 303-301-5745

2013, Daniel Junge: 303-349-0119

2012, Steve and Dana Nixon: 303-431-0041 

2011, Claudia Garza: 720-308-3453


Here is an interior designer that I have collaborated with that would give me a good reference:

Jan Peck Interiors LLC. 303-733-4145



For your reference I have attached my Linked-In and Face Book page which has some past work and related recommendations:


Branch Architecture Studio, Face Book page shows completed projects and some that are under construction. Check out:

Here is a quote from a client who had a passive solar home designed by Toby Branch.

"We have absolutely no regrets on building the adobe block home.  We also have absolutely no regrets with the very knowledgeable and personable architect whose vision allowed us to have such a wonderful earth home.  As you might remember, you designed our home with two heat pumps.  We had one fail about 2 months ago and it was repaired in one day.  They have performed without failure for 8 years now other than the one problem I mentioned.  The beauty of having two is neither runs constantly, and when the one failed, we still had a very comfortable home.  As you know, our home is all electric.  Some neighbors have shared their electric costs and without exception, ours are always significantly lower.  We just smile.  We are still the only earth home here at Red Hawk.  The earth home is such a logical, energy efficient home.  When we decided to build here, we wanted a home that worked with the southwest environment and this, without a doubt, does just that.   When we were wrapping things up with Rammed Earth Development, we went to their office to do this.  When we went inside, Tom Wuelpern’s greeting to us was “That is a very nicely designed home you have.”  Absolutely it is.

The bottom line for us is we would have great difficulty accepting we had to live in a conventional home with all we know, value and appreciate about our earth home."

Bill & Toni Wysong


Branch Architecture Studio LLC.

“Working with Toby was a joy. He would have a goal in mind but was open to different ways of achieving that goal. He was always positive and insightful. He would always make himself available to the client be it coming in early or staying late into the evening. I would not pass up an opportunity to work with him again in the future.” July 2, 2010

Eric G. Harris, AIA, LEED AP, Project Manager, OZ Architecture
worked with Toby at Branch Architecture Studio


OZ Architecture

“Toby is an excellent architect and designer. He is thoughtful and persistent in addressing both the design and the construction of projects. He will research more non-traditional types of materials and systems and clearly describe their value on a project to a client. From that point, the design and documentation is simplified. I highly recommend Toby and his work as an architect.
Linda Purcell, AIA, LEED AP” December 18, 2009

Linda Purcell, Associate Principal, OZ Architecture of Denver
managed Toby at OZ Architecture

“Toby is an excellent Project Manager and has a motivating personality. He is very educated and knowledgeable in the profession of architecture and Green Building Design. Toby is very involved in the firm to promote LEED building practices in several projects. He helped coordinate our firm participating in the Green conference in Denver, and helps brainstorm other greening ideas into our own office. I highly recommend working with Toby and would love to work with him again. He continues to inspire me and a be a thoughtful mentor.” December 16, 2009

Anne E. McGraw, Intern Architect, OZ Architecture
worked directly with Toby at OZ Architecture

“Personable, Expert, Good Value! He's excellent to work with and strongly recommend his service!” December 15, 2009

 Noel Saturay, 3d Illustrator, OZ Architecture
reported to Toby at OZ Architecture

“I worked with Toby for 5 years and have collaborated with
him on and off for the last couple of years. Toby is very creative, thorough and has a great deal of sensitivity to the clients needs and wishes and can implement their thoughts in a timely, gracious manner. I look forward to collaborating with Toby in the future.” December 15, 2009

Paul Leasure, Owner, Leasure Design Studio,inc.
worked with Toby at OZ Architecture

“Toby has worked with me on several projects - he is very pleasant to associate with and always has an open ear / mind. It takes a talented and sensitive Architect like Toby to be able to work with the various client types including single family residential & government agencies . I look forward to more collaboration with Toby in the future.” December 11, 2009

Kelton Osborn, project manager, OZ Architecture
worked with Toby at OZ Architecture

“I could recommend Toby for all the above attributes and feel good about it. Toby is a team player who understands the business resulting in his protecting the interest of all players. One quality I truly appreciate about Toby is his willingness to step up and problem solve keeping the project moving forward in a positive direction.” December 10, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

 Nick Dire
hired Toby as a Architect in 2007

“Toby went above and beyond to ensure the successful outcome of a very complex project. I enjoyed working with him and truly appreciated his efforts and can-do attitude on the Project. I look forward to our next successful Project together.” December 10, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Bobby Butler
hired Toby as a Architect in 2008

“Toby's professional qualifications as an architect and his personal qualities of leadership and committment make him an exceptional professional.” December 10, 2009

David Snelson, Quality Control Manager, OZ Architecture
worked with Toby at OZ Architecture

“Toby has amazing creativity, vision and work ethic on all of his projects. He is a manager that encourages feedback, stimulates discussion and is enthusiastic about new ideas. He has a passion for Multi-Family and Single Family housing design because he can gain a close personal relationship with the users and create the best possible design for them. He is a LEED AP that has great insights for energy conservation and sustainable products. Most of all, he is a great person and a pleasure to work with.” October 3, 2008

Darcy Bruno, Project Coordinator, OZ Architecture
worked directly with Toby at OZ Architecture


OZ Architecture of Denver

“Toby has a unique appreciation and aptitude for the CRAFT of residential architecture. He matches real understanding of how things get built, with rigorous study of the details that make designs truly great. His respect for great design of the past serves to enliven his own design solutions, allowing him to elicit the best aspects of those masterworks, but remaining contextually relevant to clients of today.” September 30, 2010

David Emrich, Job Captain, OZ Architecture
worked directly with Toby at OZ Architecture of Denver


William Zmistowski Associates

“I had the pleasure of watching Toby develop into a young architect over a period of five years while at Zmistowski Design Group. We worked on half a dozen Golf Clubhouses together, He brought fresh new enthusiam to every assignment and was a real asset in holding the team together. He was a quick study and soon learned the complexities of a demanding buildling type, taking on an every increasing role in the projects as they came along.” December 15, 2009

Doug Sault/Architect LEED AP, Senior Associate, ZMISTOWSKI DESIGN GROUP
managed Toby at William Zmistowski Associates

“I worked with Toby for 5 years and have known him now for almost twenty years. Toby is a creative architect who forms excellent relationships with clients, listening to their needs and solving problems.” December 11, 2009

David Rounds, AIA, LEED AP, Architect, William Zmistowski Associates
worked with Toby at William Zmistowski Associates